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The day after Hurricane Floyd made things miserable for the NY/NJ area, Bettie Serveert made their appearance at the CMJ Music Festival. There was a huge crowd on hand for this one - the line went around the corner of the block. Some say it was because of the hype behind the British band Gay Dad, but I thought they were mediocre at best.

Bettie Serveert was amazing! The band played very tight and were fun to watch. Reinier Veldman was introduced to the NY crowd as the new Bettie Serveert drummer. They debuted a few new songs, and played old favorites. No encore because there was another band to go, but they really went all out on "Leg!" Peter Visser was crazy! And I tought Rich Gilbert (from Tanya Donelly's tour band) was spastic! Peter was all over the place! He teased the crowd by going to the very edge of the stage several times... then he jumped off and played the outro on the floor! Full of surprises and very entertaining, to say the least! Bettie Serveert is definitely one of the best bands to see live! They play with such intensity and passion, you can't help but be drawn in!

A real surprise was Jejune, whom I've never heard of before this show. The majority of the audience left after Bettie Serveert. I thought they played well even though it must've been slightly depressing for them to see the crowd dwindle to a handful before their set started. The male/female vocal harmonies were pretty catchy, as are the power pop guitar lines. I was quite impressed with them... hope I can find their cd at a local store.

- Cris

Slide show of Bettie Serveert at the Bowery Ballroom 09-17-99:
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Slide show of Jejune at the Bowery Ballroom 09-17-99:
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