Letters to Cleo at the Hatch Shell

It seems that everytime I go up to Boston, there's some sort of road trip crisis to deal with! (but then again, this is just my 2nd time) When I went to see Juliana Hatfield on November '97, it was during a blizzard (and the car got stuck while trying to park when we finally got there!). This time, we blew out the left rear tire in the middle of the freeway! It's really scary trying to change the tire while semi-trucks are whizzing by. It was all worth it though - we got to the Espinalde just before Letters to Cleo went on!

This free outdoor concert was sponsored by the Boston Phoenix and 101.7 WFNX. There were metal barriers separating the crowd from the Hatch Shell... as you'll see from the pictures, we were quite far. Also, there was this really weird guy behind us ("caffeine man" from SNL!) singing along and dancing like a maniac. A funny distraction, but it made some of the people up front a bit nervous. Letters to Cleo played great - mostly stuff from Wholesale Meats & Fish.Once again, special thanks go out to Mike & Pat!

- Cris A.

Slide show of Letters to Cleo at the Hatch Shell 08-13-98:
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