Jejune & Bettie Serveert



Originally scheduled for Thursday Setember 17, this show was postponed to Monday September 20, 1999 because of Hurricane Floyd. The crowd was very few in the beginning, but gradually filled up to a packed house, literally! When the time came to get off, the Betties were trapped on the stage until they did the encore set!

It's a shame most people didn't get there in time for Jejune's set. I got into them from the CMJ show last week. Their guitarist, Mark, was suffering from a migraine though. At one point he had to rush of the stage because he wasn't feeling well at all - the band vamped until his return, which I thought was very professional. I really liked Jejune - I hope they come back to the NY area soon.

Bettie Serveert was very "on" that night. Peter, Carol, and Herman were continuously joking in between songs! It was Herman's birthday on that midnight, so he was presented with a piece of cake (accompanied by the Birthday song by the crowd), a harmonica, plus numerous smiles and reminders from Peter and Carol that he still has to work regardless of his day! The set consisted of a good compilation of old and new, including my favorite new song, "The Ocean, My Floor." I would've liked to have heard "What Friends?" live, but I was satisfied that they did "Heaven." I hope they find a new US label soon - I can't wait for the new album!

This was a great show... glad they managed to reschedule from the weather. It actually turned out to be a better day for me, and I was really excited that I got see one of my main music influences live. It was great to meet everyone in Bettie Serveert and Jejune - good luck to you all, and thank you!

- Cris

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